A diversified economy

Economic Forces

Entrepreneurs in search of opportunities can benefit from the expertise of the region and the advantageous measures which greatly facilitate the implementation of any project.

No doubt the industrial and entrepreneurial legacies of Shawinigan and the highly skilled workforce encourage investors of all backgrounds to establish themselves here. Research and development, manufacturing, processing or marketing, the City of Shawinigan is a hub where economic actors converge.

Shawinigan focuses on the diversification of its economy. This orientation expands sectors of activity which are true active forces for the community:

Energy efficiency and green technologies

efficacite-energetique-shawinigan 2a661Having been instrumental in the development of energy in Québec, notably by the implementation of major hydro-electric power plants, Shawinigan has been able to maintain its expertise over the years. The words “energy” and “Shawinigan” have often been synonymous for more than a hundred years.

The presence of several research centers and innovative enterprises allows Shawinigan to maintain and develop its reputation in this area. Energy and environmental issues will only increase over the years allowing us to be very optimistic when it comes to the development of this target of diversification.

Companies that contribute to the expertise of Shawinigan:

  • AddÉnergie
  • Bionest Technologies
  • Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E)
  • National Center for Electrochemistry and Environmental Technologies (CNETE)
  • Comaintel
  • Elmec
  • Laboratoire des technologies de l'énergie d'Hydro-Québec (LTE)
  • Nirvana Pool Heat Pump Inc.

Electronic and electromechanical components

composante-electronique-shawinigan a4504Electronics particularly mark the pace of Shawinigan’s economic development. The key element characterizing the emergence of this sector in Shawinigan is undoubtedly the great capacity for innovation experienced by several companies with the private research and development center.

Shawinigan can count on one of the most important business groups of Québec in the field of electronic and electromechanical components. Several of these companies have developed close links with many multinationals, such as Prévost Car, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter and Pratt & Whitney.

Already, several companies are established and add to the dynamism of this sector:

  • Delastek
  • Elmec
  • Excelpro Automatisation
  • HDI Technologies
  • Kongsberg Automotive
  • Synapse Electronic

Transformation of industrial metals and minerals

transformation-metaux-shawinigan 69e78Shawinigan is certainly a welcoming place, favorable to the establishment of companies working in the metallurgy field. The advantage of the region depends first and foremost on the expertise of an available competent workforce, with vast experience because of the past presence of several large companies in the area.

The possibility of reconverting some of the former industrial sites that already have the necessary infrastructures to implement large companies is also an interesting advantage. Situated right in heart of the railway network, this direct link with several northern sectors of Québec and their important mining projects offers great opportunities for the future.

Several companies already benefit from the advantages of Shawinigan:

  • Axcès
  • Brochot Industrie
  • General Cable
  • Industries Stema-Pro
  • Métaux Produits D.T.
  • Robert Fer et Métaux
  • Shawinigan Aluminium
  • Tecfab International

Digital entertainment and software development

divertissement-numerique-shawinigan 132f3Over the years, Shawinigan has been able to adapt to the realities of the new economy by focusing on the development of several companies in the field of information technologies. Noting the success of these companies and the potential for growth in this industry, Shawinigan saw an incredible opportunity for economic diversification and chose to invest in implementing DigiHub Shawinigan.

Digihub Shawinigan is a hub of excellence that allows the emergence, growth and implementation of businesses working in the field of digital entertainment and software development. The organization offers business incubation, collaborative work spaces, specialized training, professional support and suitable premises.

Successful Shawinigan companies:

  • Alchemic Dream
  • CGI
  • Digihub Shawinigan
  • ICO Technologies
  • Services informatiques SYM
  • SIM