A diversified economy

Social Economy and Collective Entrepreneurship

sit-esshawinigan 0b7d1Collective entrepreneurship plays a major role in the balance of Shawinigan’s global economy.

According to a study conducted in partnership with l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), the Conseil régional d'économie sociale Mauricie (CRÉS) and the Corporation d'économie sociale de Shawinigan between June 2008 and August 2009 and updated in 2013, nearly 40 social economy enterprises are in operation in Shawinigan, out of a total of 230 in the Mauricie.

Economic benefits

tdd-esshawinigan acd1dCompany turnover from collective entrepreneurship for 2013 was 30 M $ in Shawinigan. No less than 500 jobs are linked to this type of business for a payroll of 20 M$. Moreover, the property value for all the businesses was 15 M $.

Social benefits

In Shawinigan, these types of enterprises are known to offer jobs to individuals who have difficulty integrating into the workforce. In fact, no less than 38.5% of the workers of social economy enterprises consist of workers who have strayed away from the work environment.

radio-esshawinigan 6ff0cMoreover, they allow volunteers to be involved in the community. Nearly 75% of these enterprises require the services of volunteers for an estimated $500,000 in payroll annually.

Sectors of activity

Collective entrepreneurship covers no less than 14 sectors of activity as varied as childcare services, culture and retailing.

residence-esshawinigan dc21dMost popular:

  • Childcare services (29 %)
  • Services to individuals (24 %)
  • Arts and culture (19 %)
  • Retailing (9 %)
  • Leisure and tourism (5 %)
  • Manufacturing (5 %)
  • Agri-food (5 %)